The Barber Academy

Basic Barbering Course

Full time

This Certificate in Barbering is an intermediate vocational qualification that focuses on the development of 4 core modules and our own bespoke modules that will give you an advantage over other barbering courses.   It will run 2 days per week in a simulated style barber shop. You will work with a master barber and would be expected to work on a minimum of two models per class.  

This certificate is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills that are required at a ‘beginner’s level’ to consult and provide basic barbering services and to help you to ‘fast track’ your career and advance efficiently and effectively in the barbering industry.

Places and class sizes are limited in order for you to receive the best possible instructions from our tutors.

Advanced Barbering Course

Part time course

This course is intended primarily for individuals wishing to enhance their skills, and bring themselves up to date on haircutting and barbering techniques and be properly prepared to achieve Era cuts, fades, ‘fine blending’ head and beard line ups and to correct mistakes.

Our bespoke modules will address some of issues that are commonly seen in the barbering industry today and we aim to help you to rectify bad habits and improve your skills that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Places and classes are limited in order for you to receive better one on one direction from our tutors.

Finishing School

We, at the barbering academy are aware of the skills needed to become ‘shop floor ready’. We offer courses that will help provide you with the necessary skills to be just that. This course is open to candidates that a qualification in either hairdressing or barbering and fell that they are ‘just not there yet’. We will give you shop experience one or two days a week where you will observe and work with qualified barbers who will be happy to give you ‘tips’ and ‘tools’ to improve your already acquired experience.   You will be monitored on a weekly basis by our master barber who is able to chart your progression and show you where your strengths and weaknesses are. We can guarantee that you will be ready within 6 months or you can continue with the school till you are.  

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