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Curious what you will learn at The Barber Academy ? We have outlined the barber training curriculum below to help you understand what you will learn in your barbering training. Find out what barbers do and so what to expect when you attend our school.

Why choose The Barbering Academy over any other school?

At the Barbering Academy we offer a complete package for anyone who is serious about their career in barbering.  We offer bespoke models that will give you a greater understanding of what the barbering industry is all about.  We are affiliated with Chapz Barbers, a well recognized chain of Barbers around the country and we can arrange a placement for you into a shop for further training once you have completed the course. (T&C's Apply)

What classes will I take at The Barbering Academy?

Hair cutting and shaving for men’s hair and facial hair are focal points at The Barbering Academy. During these classes, you’ll learn how to properly shave men’s faces and how to cut, style and treat their hair. Safety and sanitation,  correct posture, chair management, customer service and  how to get an accurate consultation,  are but a few modules  that The Barbering Academy will cover.

What other kinds of classes can I take at The Barbering Academy school?

Generally, our barber students will  also be required to take some training hours of anatomy and physiology and  bacteriology. Because barbering typically has very entrepreneurial people, our school can offer at an addational cost a business management training to help you plan for opening and managing your own barber shop.

What books, supplies or tools do I need for school?

Barber scissors and styling combs, uniform/tunic are just few examples of supplies that will come in your student kit. The Barbering Academy will supply all that you will need to get started.

What’s the difference between barber school and hairdressing school?

The biggest difference between the two is that barber school focuses primarily on men’s hair and facial hair. Also you will be trained by Master Barbers who have decades of experience that you can draw on for support, experience and knowledge.

What skills will I learn at The Barbering Academy?

You will learn a number of skills and techniques when you attend The Barber Academy . You will learn how to shape a person’s hair and the best way to cut hair based on different criteria of the customer. You’ll also develop the skill required to shave a man’s face properly, including traditional foam shaves and straight razor shaves. Shaving is both an art and a science! Other skills acquired while attending The Barber Academy barbe include styling hair, blending, fading and colouring ??. You will also learn extensively about barber shop safety and sanitation, an essential component of doing your job successfully and safely. The skills you gain from The Barbering Academy will   include business management, so if your career leads you to opening your own shop or becoming a manager at a salon, you’ll have the essential skills to be successful.

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